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Month: January 2017

Different Add-ons for Garry’s Mod

Posted on January 31, 2017  in Games

Garry’s Mod is basically a game that’s being centered around, you guessed it, mods. It is built on Source engine of Valve’s and originally coming out as a separate mod for HL2; it gives players comprehensive creative control over each and everything in this virtual world of video games. GMod allows players do anything they wish in its sandbox with enough game modes and premade materials. It also allows them to put anything virtually they design or download into Gmod Free Download. With so many individual playing and creating for GMod, it could be hard to keep track of ideal add-ons for this game. So, here’s a rundown of the few best Garry’s Mod add-ons to download.


  • Portal Gun

This gun ideally replicates a gun player’s use in Portal and does not even need that GMod players own either of these games that it can emulate to use. There also have been many other attempts at this, but actually, none of them has grasped the magic of that very first time you jumped into blue circle and came out untouched. Not just does this add-on capture feel of an original game, but it looks pretty close to the original as well, earning it a spot at top of that list.

  • GTA V Cars

GTA V may have come out the previous year, but that add-on for Gmod Free Download came out a few years back, it features few beautifully textured cars which similarly look like they drove straight out from the San Andreas into this sandbox game. Whether you’re racing them or blowing them up, such cars are for fun and make for an exceptional add-on in GMod.

  • Left Shark

Everybody was talking about left shark from Super Bowl of Katy Perry halftime performance. So what good way to remember him than running around in this virtual world of Gmod Free Download and blowing stuff up? The player model completely captures cuteness which captivated the Internet while remaining quite functional, that’s a huge feat. With that model, it is only a matter of time till a Garry’s Mod halftime show reenactment appears.

  • Big Boss

Metal Gear Solid V is not quite brand new, but that player model for Garry’s Mod is no doubt is. Released in January of 2015, Big Boss skin allows GMod players makes their very own Metal Gear adventures. With a couple of diverse high-quality textures, it is easily one of the very best on the workshop of Steam, and is a must have for any fan who loves Metal Gear.